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Today’s Random 10

Posted by Chance on April 27, 2007

My Wife – The Who – Who’s Next

Control – MuteMath – WOW Hits 2005: Silver Disc

Umbrella – The Innocence Mission – Umbrella

Don’t Panic – Coldplay – Parachutes

Learn to Fly – Foo Fighters – There is Nothing Left to Lose

Until the End of the World – U2 – Achtung Baby

White Shadows – Coldplay – X&Y

Sail Away – David Gray – White Ladder

Love Ridden – Fiona Apple – When the Pawn…

For No One – The Beatles – Revolver [UK]

Songs About You – Peter Stuart – Propeller

This list has a lot of great, lesser-known songs from well known artists. I’m a strong fan of the album because there are many jewels missed when only the hits are downloaded. I think it is great 2nd-tier songs that make an artist.

“Until the End of the World” is definitely 1 of my top 10 U2 songs. Very interesting concept, as it is a song from Judas’s point of view as he is talking to Jesus.


5 Responses to “Today’s Random 10”

  1. Lee said

    I’ve heard FF’s Learn to Fly live. That song takes on a whole new dimension live. They were at S. Illinois U. playing. They opened for The Red Hot Chili Peppers. I was ten feet away from Flea.

    Jealous yet? Hah!

  2. Chance said

    I’m definitely jealous. I remember when they were touring together, and I guy I went to school with got to go.

  3. Josh said

    Ya know, I’ve got to agree with you on that one. I’ve been downloading songs onto my MP3 Player, and I’ve realized that a lot of my cds have songs that never got much air time on the radio stations.

    And to tell you the truth, I fell in love all over again with Third Eye Blinds debut album.

  4. Josh said

    By the way, my major’s in Anthropological Gynecology.

    Just kidding, Church Ministries.

  5. Chance said

    Congrats again Josh.

    TEB’s 1st album is pretty good. One of the perks of being married is the consolidation of CDs, and she has that one. I like the way the guy sings. It almost has a British-punk vibe.

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