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A bumper sticker that always bothers me (one of many)

Posted by Chance on April 21, 2007

Neil Simpson has a post about barbecuing and vegetarianism. He also has some helpful information on “Bovine-Offset Credits”.

Speaking of vegetarianism, I saw a bumper sticker that says “I don’t eat anything with a face.” Now, I respect those who choose the vegetarian/vegan path, whether it is for health or moral reasons. But this bumper sticker reeks of self-righteousness. If you want to promote vegetarianism, fine, but don’t point out how moral you are because you don’t eat meat.

But that goes for people with my viewpoints as well. There are offensive and non-offensive pro-life stickers. I may agree with what you have to say, but there are more effective ways to spread the message.


One Response to “A bumper sticker that always bothers me (one of many)”

  1. japhy said

    I’ve heard rumors of some churches that have a sign on the door (on the inside) that says “Judas left early too”. Ouch.

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