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Movies I like, and supposedly good movies that I hate

Posted by Chance on April 12, 2007

Thanks for all the input to my post about classic movies I’d like to see.

One thing I have noticed concerning modern movies, the Academy and I don’t always see eye to eye.

Here is a list of movies that have received at least some notoriety from the Academy, that I thought, well, sucked.

Keep in mind, I am far from an authority in movies. The production of this list may betray any impressions of refinement I previously held in your minds.

The Thin Red Line – One of two movies during which I fell asleep during the theater. I had the feeling it was trying too hard to be artsy and philosophical.

Wonder Boys – Movie seemed pointless.

Monster’s Ball – I know Halle Berry received an award for Best Actress, and this is no comment on her acting ability (which I’m not good at gaging anyway), but the movie itself. Billy Bob Thornton creeps me out (even more so) thanks to this movie. Again, seemed to have no coherent plot.

As Good As It Gets – Again, where is this movie going? Movies that focus on someone with a social/mental disorder like OCD does provide room for entertainment in any genre, but nevertheless, not that funny, not that entertaining.

As you can probably guess from the list, I strongly dislike movies that do not seem to have a coherent plot. But such movies typically get rave reviews. Maybe if I appreciated movies on a deeper level and/or I was more right-brained and/or not an engineer I would truly appreciate these movies.

Movies I did love, or at least like, that got Oscar attention:
Shawshank Redemption – One of my favorites
Traffic – Not quite sure what to say about this movie, but it was definitely interesting
Lord of the Rings (obviously)
Zoolander – That movie won an award for something, didn’t it?

Oscar movies that had really lame ending quotes.

Seabiscuit:(paraphrased) “We didn’t teach Seabiscuit…he taught us”

Not so bad, but there is a long pause between the first and last phrase for dramatic effect, which makes it super-corny and pseudo-thoughtful, and I saw the last half of the line from a mile away.

A Beautiful Mind.

Mathematician John Nash says “I’ve made the most important discovery of my life. It’s only in the mysterious equation of love that any logical reasons can be found. I’m only here tonight because of you. You are the only reason I am… you are all my reasons. ”

“Mysterious equation of love”? What the crap is that? Very contrived.


8 Responses to “Movies I like, and supposedly good movies that I hate”

  1. Reel Fanatic said

    I’m definitely with you on “Monster’s Ball” … Not only did I find it pointless, but also just incredibly stupid

  2. Dan Trabue said

    “A Room with a View” is one critically acclaimed flick that I found interminably pointless and difficult to watch, and in fact, left halfway through.

    Of course, I was an uncouth young man at the time. My years of refinement and culture may have improved my tastes…

  3. Josh said

    You know, I felt this way last year when I decided to watch all of the movies that were nominated for all of the big Oscar awards.

    Most of them sucked!

  4. Lee said

    Reel Fanatic beat me to the punch. Horrible movie. Even seeing Halle Berry naked (excuse me, nekkid) had no joy in it, and that’s something.

    You know though, if you can get through the first half of Little Miss Sunshine, the second half is very much worth it.

  5. Kat Coble said

    You know, I’ve just gotten to the point where I won’t even TRY to see some of those “arty” films, because I know they’ll just aggravate me. (Thin Red Line is a perfect example of a movie I will not watch.)

    I am with you very much on the films you do like, especially Shawshank and LOTR

  6. Chance said

    “Of course, I was an uncouth young man at the time. My years of refinement and culture may have improved my tastes…”

    I dunno Dan. I saw your pic on your site. Your hair is a bit on the shaggy side… Just sayin is all.

  7. Dan Trabue said

    Okay, so maybe less uncouth, as opposed to having actually accomplished couthness.

  8. Josh said

    Okay, I got Pursuit of Happyness in the mail this weekend and watched it with my wife. Every one I have talked to has said they enjoyed it.

    I didn’t get it. I was completely bored. Maybe I’m just numb to all of that soft stuff.

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