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My prediction for tonight

Posted by Chance on April 2, 2007

Not sure who will win the NCAA championship, but if Ohio State wins, no doubt we will hear the usual championship speech from the players, “No one believed in us, no one thought we could make it, but we proved them wrong…” yada yada. No matter what the seed or odds, the winning team always pulls out the “we are the underdog” speech. Even if Florida wins, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear the same.


6 Responses to “My prediction for tonight”

  1. preacherman said

    I agree. You always here that underdog speech that drives you crazy. I guess though in a spiritual sense we were all underdogs at one time then Jesus came to give us Victory through his blood. And isn’t wonderful that Christians don’t have to give that underdog speech on judgement day!

  2. Dan Trabue said

    Off subject, but, is that YOU in the photo? You’re much younger and hipper looking than I had imagined.

    No offense intended…

  3. Chance said

    hehe, I only wish I had such a cool mullet.

    No offense taken…Of course, you do live in Kentucky right? I imagine you may have some familiarity with the hair style…

  4. Dan Trabue said

    Personal familiarity.

    I see now that you’re in engineering and therefore probably have a buzz haircut.

  5. Josh said

    I didn’t even watch it. I’ve been so busy, I don’t even have time to keep up anymore.

    LOVE the profile pic, by the way.

  6. Josh said

    Have you been to THE VAULT yet? Online freedom to confess whatever you’d like anonymously.

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