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Can analogies between God and sex be taken too far?

Posted by Chance on March 20, 2007

In Sunday School we are currently studying Song of Solomon through the Tommy Nelson series. I like the book of Song of Solomon because it plainly illustrates that love between a man and woman, including sexual love, is from God. When one properly understands the analogies, the book is quite erotic.

I like the Tommy Nelson series because it calls the book what it is. It doesn’t try to say how “breasts” really refers to Moses and Aaron or the Law and Grace or any stuff like that.

No doubt, the passion between a man and a woman can also be a symbol or metaphor for the passion between God and the church. Nevertheless, maybe I am just immature, I need to grow up, whatever, but I get uncomfortable when they draw the analogies too closely. In another study we did, the Abiding Life, Michael Wells states that in the same way a man plants his seed in a woman, the Holy Spirit plants a seed of truth in us.

Again, maybe I just need to grow up, but can’t sex just be sex? I don’t want to think of my relationship with Christ in quite the same terms as my relationship with my wife.


2 Responses to “Can analogies between God and sex be taken too far?”

  1. Josh said

    Rob Bell has a new book that I’ve been interested in reading for quite some time. It’s called “Sex God: Exploring the Endless Connections Between Sexuality And Spirituality”.

    I think it may have a lot to do with what you are talking about.

  2. viktoryian said

    Haha! Absolutely agree! Lets not mix those two things! Lets enjoy sex! Lets believe in God! But, please, sex has nothing spacific to do with religion!

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