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Just when you thought technology could not get more advanced…

Posted by Chance on February 20, 2007

I just got the five-blade Gillette Fusion for free in the mail. I thought the 3-blade razor was something. Then I was totally astounded when they came up with 4-blades. On one razor! Let me tell you, it is at least 5/3 as good as my Mach 3! If you use 4 blades or less for your shaving, you are obviously a dinosaur and belong in a museum.


6 Responses to “Just when you thought technology could not get more advanced…”

  1. Michael Westmoreland-White said

    Of course, I don’t shave and think that shaving is a sign of worldliness. 🙂

  2. Dan Trabue said

    You know, I think, back when the TRIPLE BLADE PROTECTION came out, that Saturday Night Live did a spoof commercial about a razor with five or maybe six blades.

    Or if not, they should have.

  3. Neil said

    Dan, I think you are right – the first thing that came to mind was the SNL skit mocking multiple blades (it may have even been when just two blades came out – I think it was the late 70’s / early 80’s).

  4. Neil said

    Ha – I just got a free one in the mail also! I’ll let you know how it works. No more cave man beard for me!

  5. Chance said

    Yeah, it’s not too bad actually. It seems a little wide (as 5 blades will do that), so I cut the top of my lip just a little bit.

  6. Josh said

    Lol… I use the Fusion too. It works great for those people who shave every day, but for me to let my stubble grow out over the weekend and then try to shave it Monday morning, it doesn’t work so well.

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