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Why do we blog?

Posted by Chance on February 18, 2007

I topic I often talk about is economics, primarily, to what level the government should get involved. I also debate economic issues with other people on this blog or on others’ blogs.

Questions of economic philosophy are the hardest to debate. Not only are these issues extremely complex, but they quite often are tied to the core of who we are. Debating economic issues can be fruitless. I was talking to a guy on another blog who thought that people in communist Russia really were not that bad off and that Chavez isn’t doing such a bad job in Venezuala. Now, I am not making fun of this person, I am just pointing out that he is on the totally opposite extreme of where I am. Any debate is pointless.

And that got me thinking, what is the purpose of blogging in the first place? For many, it is an outlet, just an expression of personal thoughts. What about those who post on political topics (such as myself), or heated theological ones? Are we posting on these issues to persuade others? To provide understanding? To simply put down our ideas on paper?

I have written on many political topics, and many times I am not sure why. Am I trying to convince others of my point of view? Or is it just a way of putting down thoughts in my head?

I think this question is important because it can determine our satisfaction with the blogging experience. If I focus too much on persuasion, well, if I don’t persuade anyone, then it can lead to frustration. I can put an emotional investment on making others see my point of view, and when they don’t, it can lead me to be aggravated at the experience and/or them. Debating can simply becomes arguing.

However, I think I can still try to write persuasively, because, well, it comes with writing on controversial topics. But persuasion cannot be my ultimate goal. I have to be satisfied with simply providing understanding of my viewpoints. And I think that is where blogs and similar forums are effective. If we don’t agree, we can at least understand why others believe the way they do, whether it be politics, theology, or the NFL Draft. Understanding others’ viewpoints is vital because it can show that they can basically have a good heart or pure motives, they just see a different way to achieve a common goal, or they simply prioritize their goals differently. This is what I was trying to touch on in my post about if we all want the same things in politics.


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