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Post about Politics with a little bit of life happenings thrown in.

Posted by Chance on January 3, 2007

Well, I survived yet another blizzard in Colorado, yet I actually wasn’t home during the blizzard, but was stuck in Kansas due to road closings. My wife and I rang in the New Year asleep at a hotel. Nevertheless, it is not where I was at on New Years, but who I was with. Although I did miss my cats.

I do not feel very assured looking at the candidates for the next Presidency. The Democrats, well for me, that goes without saying. The Republicans, well, McCain, he’s well, he’s so old. I would like Giuliani, as I think he would be a great administrator, but there are two things that as a cultural conservative I abhor, abortion and the eroding family structure. I don’t like his stance on abortion and from what I’ve heard, he has treated past wives horribly. Divorce I disagree with (minus what Jesus allows), but I’m willing to look past, but horrible treatment of family, no.

Romney, well, he likes his government the way I like my McDonald’s meal. Super-sized with a double-quarter pounder with cheese. That means he likes it big. His ideal government is so fat, let me tell you. It’s so fat that when it sits around the TV, it sits around the TV. When his ideal government comes walking down the street wearing red, people shout, hey “Kool-Aid”.

I wish I knew more about Ford. He seemed like a swell guy.


5 Responses to “Post about Politics with a little bit of life happenings thrown in.”

  1. Velcro said

    I like Obama, but not Hillary. I hope they don’t get elected, because I think Obama would do much better running as president and not V.P. Glad you made it home alive.

    Do you know if the Telluride/Durango area got the same blizzard?

  2. Dan Trabue said

    I’m not seeing much in the Republican field that I think will work. McCain I think is highly electable nationwide, but I don’t think he’ make it through the Republican primaries.

    I sure hope the Dems don’t run Hillary as I think she’s a dead end for them. Obama is very promising I think, but then, it’s early…

  3. Michael Westmoreland-White said

    It’s interesting that the two DECLARED candidates in the Democratic lineup are both to the left of Hillary: Kucinich and Edwards.
    The GOP lineup SHOULD depress you: It is divided between those who are so liberal they can never survive the GOP primaries (McCain, Guiliani) and those so rightwing they will never survive a general election: Brownback, maybe Frist if he runs, Gingrich. And then there’s Romney, whose Mormonism will keep the Religious Right from endorsing him despite his cultural conservatism AND then he will lose the independents and centrists in the general election, too.
    If they hadn’t been so tainted by their involvement with Bush and Iraq, both Colin Powell and Condi Rice would have been heavy hitters for the GOP. Not anymore.

    I think Hillary is seriously considering running: She didn’t raise all that money for a senate campaign she could have sleepwalked through for nothing. But, her vote for the Iraq war (and, unlike Edwards, she has never repented for this) and her wishy-washiness on other matters has alienated her from the progressives who dominate Democratic primaries. If she runs, the women of Code Pink will follow her everywhere with giant signs saying, “Hillary Supports War.”
    Then, if she survives the primaries by outspending everyone else, she has another problem: Although she doesn’t excite the Democratic base (unlike when she was first elected to the senate), she DOES excite–negatively–the GOP base. She would turn out GOP voters in droves–even for Romney! A candidate that doesn’t excite your base, but does excite the other side is NOT what you want and I hope the Dems embrace Kucinich, Edwards, or Obama, instead.

  4. Michael Westmoreland-White said

    I forgot to say that I am glad you are well and I hope the blizzards quit hitting middle section of the country.

  5. Chance said

    Ha! I get my comments emailed to my gmail account, and with your comments my google page is full of Democrat Ads!

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