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This week in college football

Posted by Chance on November 15, 2006

I was disappointed that the Texas Longhorns lost last weekend, but fortunately my Oklahoma State Cowboys dominated Baylor in offense and in defense, scoring two defensive touchdowns. USC is ranked 3rd, with Florida 1 spot behind, but I think Florida is better, because I think the SEC conference is better than the PAC-10. Look at the Tennessee-Cal game. A good PAC-10 team got throttled by an average SEC team.

If I get the chance, I’ll be watching the Ohio State vs. Michigan game, but that’s if I have nothing else going on. The top teams and players of this year just do not excite me as much as last year, or even the year before. This year we have Ohio State as the top team and Troy Smith as the top Heisman candidate. But last year we had USC and Texas which collectively included Matt Leinart, the highlight-reel star Reggie Bush, and the one-of-a-kind quarterback Vince Young. And even the year before, we had those same USC stars, and the running back Adrian Peterson(sp?) from OU. It was exciting to watch these people play, and these teams seemed unstoppable. I know Troy Smith is a great athlete and deserving of Heisman honors, and he is probably just as skilled as many of the previously mentioned stars. I even thought previously this season that if Texas and USC did happen to meet again in the final game, it wouldn’t even hold a candle to last year’s matchup. Probably the most exciting team this year is Arkansas. I think that’s because any time a team comes out of nowhere to do so well, it is always an exciting thing. But the year is not over.

Once this season is over, or at least when the bowl games are announced, I will compare the results to my predictions at the beginning of the season.

Update: I said that the SEC must be much better than the PAC-10. Then again, I remembered that USC routed Arkansas 50-14. Simply early game growing pains? Possibly. But so could Tennessee vs. Cal. Point is, you can’t judge two conferences based on one game.

Update 2: I think a team must be the conference champ to compete in the national championship game, with a possible exception for the case where the conference champion is your opponent.


4 Responses to “This week in college football”

  1. The Prophet said

    Good post. Yeah, I was disappointed in Texas as well. That was our shot at a championship bowl, especially with Ohio State playing Michigan Saturday night.

    I tell you one person I enjoyed watching is OU’s new tailback Allen Patrick (A.P.II). He’s replaced Adrian Peterson and rushed for well over 100 yards against the A&M defense. They couldn’t stop him.

  2. Chance said

    I’ll have to check him out. I’ve only caught bits and pieces of OU’s last games. Their last couple of games have been pretty exciting. I can’t wait till Bedlam!

  3. Velvet Cowboy said

    Is bedlam this weekend?

  4. Chance said

    Not this weekend (Nov. 18), but the next weekend.

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