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What happened during the blizzard of ’06.

Posted by Chance on October 28, 2006

Well, because of a huge blizzard going through Colorado this past Thursday, the wife and I were stuck home. Besides shoveling lots of snow and saving our trees, here is a breakdown of what happened that day.

Over at Port Charles, some lady named Laura was apparently in a coma for the past 3 years. Luke tried to save her with an experimental drug, and it seemed to finally work. Sonny’s brother Rick is trying to bring his crime empire down, and Rick slept with his stepdaughter Sammy (sp?) which made things a little awkward around the wife, Sammy’s mom, who I think is sick with cancer or flesh-eating bacteria or something like that. That also strained relationships with Sammy and Jason, but Jason is busy helping out Sonny with the empire. I think Sonny once said that he wanted to be legit, but I don’t believe him. Sonny’s ex-wife Carly used to be a short brunette with brown eyes, but now she is tall and blonde with blue eyes. I think next week she will be some black lady.

Over in Salem, Sami once again tried to crash Austin and Carrie’s wedding. I didn’t think Carrie and Austin would recover the first time when Sami showed up at their first wedding and announced she was pregnant with Austin’s baby. But it wasn’t Austin’s fault, Sami had drugged him, but it still bothered Carrie since Sami is her sister. Anyway, Sami tried to crash the wedding, but Austin and Carrie’s love marched through. Also, I tried to catch what Marlena was up to. It didn’t seem like she was demon-possessed or killing people for no reason this time, so that is always a good thing.


5 Responses to “What happened during the blizzard of ’06.”

  1. Michael Westmoreland-White said

    Funny. Glad to hear you survived the blizzard.

  2. The Prophet said

    On the next “Days Of Our Lives”

    I’m sure that’s the biggest thing you have to get used to moving from Ok & Tx to Colorado. Take care.

    Sorry ’bout the Broncs yesterday. They played a good game. How ’bout them Cowboys, eh?

  3. Lee said

    True story. My roomate at college sophomore year was a Days addict. And everyday after class I’d come to the dorm and he’d be there watching.

    After about two weeks I was hooked. I tell you though, Days just isn’t the same without Stephano.

    Now that’s villany.

  4. Chance said

    wow prophet, i thought you were joking, then I looked it up and saw Dallas scored 25 points in the 4th quarter, impressive indeed.

    Lee, thanks to my sis, I was a Days junkie for a while. What I never understood is why Stephano never went to jail. I mean, he kidnapped Marlena and committed all sorts of crimes, then he shows up at some party… I mean, c’mon, don’t you get locked up for at least a couple weeks?

  5. Lee said

    Well, that’s what made Stephano so pimp.

    He owned Salem.

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