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Some Changes

Posted by Chance on October 7, 2006

I am doing a few new things to the template. I plan to change back to what I had before, because I really like the header Josh gave me. I switched to blogger beta and am starting to add Labels to my posts. I had to upgrade the template to easily do the Labels links on the sidebar. However, I think I lost my old template, but I have one backed up on my other computer.


4 Responses to “Some Changes”

  1. Michael Westmoreland-White said

    I tried this template when I first started my blog. It is visually appealing, but it makes the posts look long by placing them in a narrow column. So, one either has to write very briefly or risk people not reading. Ergo, I switched.

    Changing templates is a pain in the butt.

  2. The Prophet said

    Hey, I think labelling posts is great. Last week, I started categorizing my posts, because I was getting close to 300 posts, and it doesn’t let you look up more than that when editing. Good idea, Chance.

  3. The Prophet said

    I’ve been pretty interested in that new show Heroes, but there’s not resolve at the end of the show, so it drives me crazy.

  4. preacherman said

    I like the changes.
    It looks great!

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