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A letter to the fruit of my loins

Posted by Chance on October 7, 2006

So, last week sometime, I was writing a letter to my baby that will be born sometime next year. I wrote a little bit about ourselves and different things going in the world and what we hope to teach the child as he/she grows up. I know that for myself, it is always interesting to wonder what it was like for previous generations when major techological advances came about. For instance, the onset of television during my grandparents’ lifetimes or the growth of the personal automobile in my greant grandmother’s or ancestors’ lifetimes. So, I just wrote a little bit about what it was like to have the internet come about in our lifetimes.

As I finish the letter, I thought “hey, it would be a great idea to look at the news headlines and jot them down for this date.” Unfortunately, I go to cnn.com and I see stuff about the shootings in Bailey and people dying in Iraq. I realized this was not such a good idea…

I am a bit of an escapist. I do not like watching the local news because it is so sad. So, at 10 pm I flip to the Simpsons. I choose to immerse myself in something that makes me laugh, rather than looking at the tragic things going on in the world. Is this a character strength or character flaw? I am someone who wants to be happy and to enjoy myself. This can be a flaw in the sense that I can spend my life simply trying to avoid pain, ignoring the bad stuff around me. Also, I can tend to be self-centered as I become less invested in other people and just care about my own immediate happiness. However, given the choice between watching the news or laughing at the Simpsons, I will choose the Simpsons.


One Response to “A letter to the fruit of my loins”

  1. Neil said

    I love The Simpsons, and not just because it is my last name. I watch at least 10 min. of a show every night (my humor fix for the day). My wife and teenage girls love it, too.

    There are so many religious references in The Simpsons that I often work clips or notes into classes I teach. The segments make great points, even if the writers are making fun of mistakes Christians sometimes make. There is a scene where Homer offends Apu and Manjula and I used that as part of an class on how to witness to people of other faiths.

    P.S. Good luck with the baby-to-be!

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