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My Album Meme

Posted by Chance on September 7, 2006

1. One album that had the biggest impact on your musical tastes.

I would say The Joshua Tree by U2. Before then, I had listened to primarily aggressive alternative rock, which helped me be angry all the time. This album helped me realize I could listen to positive, uplifting music that was still actually good.

2. One album you would want on a deserted island.
Achtung Baby by U2. It is one of my favorites, and it has variety in the songs. Also, it is very repeatable, as mentioned in my previous post.

3. One album that pumps you up.
Again, For the First Time by Bleach. Bleach is my favorite Christian rock band. This album has 11 full-throttle songs. Only slow song is at the end.

4. One album you like to chill out to.
Birds of my Neighborhood by The Innocence Mission. If you like folk music at all, I would recommend this band.

5. One album you liked immediately.
A Boy Named Goo by the Goo Goo Dolls. High-energy punk rock that is instantly catchy.

6. One album that grew on you.
Feeling Strangely Fine by Semisonic. Not all songs are as radio-friendly as their one big hit “Closing Time”, but they are really good.

7. One album you wasted money on.
This is a tough one, as I’ve learned to like just about any album I’ve bought. I would probably say Monster by R.E.M. with a caveat. I think R.E.M. is a great band, and their album Monster is probably pretty decent. But when I bought it I was much younger, and only listened to things that were catchy right away. I don’t have the album anymore, but if I listened to it today, I may actually like it.

8. One album you wanted as a kid, but your parents wouldn’t let you buy.
This may not apply to everyone, as some parents are more permissive than others.
Throwing Copper by Live. Yes, Live is pretty tame compared to something like gangsta rap, but I couldn’t listen to any music that had many bad words when I was a kid.

9. One album on your wish list.
X & Y by Coldplay.

10. Tag people.
Whoever reads this and is interested, feel free.


3 Responses to “My Album Meme”

  1. Michael Westmoreland-White said

    How someone who is such an incredible U-2 fan could lean so libertarian is beyond me. Listen to the lyrics!

  2. Dan Trabue said

    As to your number 7 (album wasted money on), I can think of a few.

    I ran across one back in my days when I was listening to Christian rock music pretty exclusively. It was sort of a Christian punk band (I’m not so current on my terms, I’m not sure if “punk” is right – they scream a lot and play loud abrasive music, hardcore, maybe?) called One Bad Pig.

    The album was “I Scream Sundae,” I believe and I bought it solely on the strength of the fact that one song they did was Man in Black as a duet with Johnny Cash! I thought that had to be pretty interesting.

    They screamed their verses and Johnny sang his pretty much like Johnny does his stuff.

    And it really wasn’t all that interesting, just weird.

  3. Chance said

    Dan, have you ever heard “The Wanderer” by U2 on the Zooropa album. Johnny Cash sings it. Very strange song, because U2 were in their “experimental” phase. You may want to download it if you are a Cash fan.

    Yeah, I admit my U2 fandom is a little strange. I don’t think most of their lyrics of late are really political, and the ones that are “Love and Peace or Else” deal mainly with war issues. And who doesn’t want to help Africa? Now, to what level gov’t should get involved is another issue, but I do like his compassion and vision.

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