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College football predictions

Posted by Chance on August 26, 2006

Big 12:North Champ: Nebraska will improve, but Iowa State will be on top. Iowa State did decent last year, and they have 10 of 11 starts returning to offense. Colorado will do just as well with their new coach Dawkins, in his first year, than they will with their DB former coach Barnett. (What does DB stand for? Think of Summer’s Eve.)

South Champ: Texas, but only because OU loses to OSU.

Big 12 Champ: Texas, but I do picture them losing 1 or 2 games.

What will happen to Oklahoma State: OSU, and I say this as objectively as possible, will exceed expectations. People will be surprised by how much the quarterback, Bobby Reid has developed (he has been hampered by injuries the past couple of years). OSU will win at least 3 games non-conference, probably all 4. I could easily see them beating at least 3 teams in their conference.

I see a 7-5 record overall, with either a 3-5 or 4-4 conference record.

Other conferences:

Big 10: Ohio State will not meet expections; they are just losing too many starters on defense, and analysts seem to ignore that. They will have a great offense, no doubt, but other teams will simply outscore them. They will lose 3 games, but win their bowl game.

Big 10 Champ: I think Michigan will redeem themselves this year.

ACC: I would go for Miami due to the skill, but I think too many new members on the coaching staff will be a problem. I see Florida State winning this conference. Florida State fans will rejoice, except for when they lose to Florida.

Big East: I think there’s little doubt West Virginia will repeat. I could also see them going to the championship game, but their schedule may hurt them with the BCS.


SEC West Champ: LSU

SEC East Champ: Sorry Michael, but I think this will be Florida’s year. Urban Meyer has a record of doing awesome his second year at schools. Their offense will take off.

SEC Champ: Florida

Other SEC news: Kentucky fans will be crying themselves to sleep this year, on many occasions. But I do see them doing better than winning 3 games.

PAC-10: I’ll go out on a limb and say U-Cal will be the champ. USC and U-Cal will both lose one game, but USC will have lost to U-Cal, so the tiebreaker goes to U-Cal.

BCS Championship: Notre Dame vs. West Viriginia. West Viriginia will be the only undefeated team. Notre Dame will have lost one game. Notre Dame will be in the championship game, despite some unresolved defensive issues, but no other team is that strong this year. I see West Virginia pulling the upset. Nevertheless, people will continue to talk about how Weis and Notre Dame are God’s gift to football, deservedly or not. Whether West Viriginia is the best team or not is another issue. But I see them being undefeated as a real possibility, and that alone will propel them to the championship game. I think they are better than people give them credit for, and their offense runs like smooth machinery, which will outscore Notre Dame.

So there it is folks. Hopefully you will not remember to look back at this post when the season is over and realize I have no idea what I am talking about. Then again, there is the edit button. “What are you talking about? I never said WV would win it all!”

Update: I realize Lee may not actually be a Kentucky fan simply because he is from that state. I will keep the description of him crying himself to sleep in this post nonetheless.


2 Responses to “College football predictions”

  1. Michael Westmoreland-White said

    Well, FSU may get out of its struggles this year, but I don’t know. I think, as painful to say as this is, Bobby Bowden needs to retire.

    But we don’t have to worry about losing to that team from Gainesville. They will surely have become mired in a steroid or gambling or recruiting scandal before then.

    Actually, that could happen to Miami, too.

    As for the SEC: Never count Tennessee out. Nor Georgia.

  2. Michael Westmoreland-White said

    It’s a good year already. FSU, my alma mater, beat Miami last week (not prettily but still, I’ll take a 13-10 win over the ‘Canes) and our defense made them scoreless in the 2nd half. Now, if the offense catches up, we may have a banner year. Bowden could then retire in glory and honor.

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