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What arrives in my junk mail folder

Posted by Chance on August 22, 2006

Why do I feel like I am getting emails from a schizophrenic? This text was below an ad for some “rising stocks.”

His eyes were open; he was glaring up atme. What it was you knew to be truth by the threesigns they gave you. The little woman came running out of the fern brake.
Also, in a fight I use my left hand better than I do my right.
The little man smiled at me, and trilled.
Nor whatelse there might be of living things.
They looked at Jim with curiosity and interest and with no trace ofunfriendliness.
Her hands werefull of thick, heavily veined leaves. Instantly thepost-hypnotic command to the subconscious operated. When I summon you, then see that you obey! Others, curiosity not yet quenched, tooktheir places. A milky sap streamed through her fingers and dropped uponthe black, corroded spot. Several times he had to repeat this before she caught it.
Although at that, we know so damned little Iwouldnt rule it out. I watched suspicion grow, and thereturn of bitter hate.
Jim said, laughingly:Its the food of the Yunwi Tsundsi youre eating. I looked at Evalie, and at the wine and amber beauty of her. I went on to something else that had been puzzlingme. They made me feel asGulliver must have felt among the Liliputians. The pygmies watched us wriggle into them with frankamazement.
Its rim was thick and fleshy, like a round white mouth. I studied the plain for the hundredth time. I couldsee no path, but the golden pygmies knew their way.
None was tallerthan the one I had saved from the white flowers. There was agony in them, and there wasbitter hatred. I looked back, up the face of the black cliff.
There was no fear nor hatred in her eyes.
Theycarried long, slender spears and small round targes.
Around her hips wasthe white loin-cloth of the Little People.
The Wolf-womans eyes were like sapphirestars, her free hand was raised in summons. She would have passed in sleep, in peace,without pain .
They were earth-folk,worshippers of life; and as such at times outrageously Rabelaisian. The little woman came running out of the fern brake.
Jim with the tentacle of that Dark Powercreeping, creeping toward him . The littlepeople had only watched, and laughed, and urged the women to bring memore.
Since it is plain he still thinks me that . Although at that, we know so damned little Iwouldnt rule it out. Jim was staring down upon the golden pygmy like a man in a dream.
He leaped backinto the brake, motioning us to follow. His gaze wandered to my hair, and I saw amazement banishthe hatred.


One Response to “What arrives in my junk mail folder”

  1. The Prophet said

    WHAT?!? Is that an Al-Queda coded message?

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