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More on taxes, later…

Posted by Chance on August 4, 2006

I would like to discuss more on taxes from a small-government, Christian perspective. Dan and Michael both present some good arguments for a liberal ideal of taxation, using Christian ethics and empirical arguments.

Right now though, I don’t immediately have time, as I have an anniversary weekend coming up for my wife and I (Hooray!!!), and of course, working for the man. After all, those trees in the rainforest won’t cut themselves down! Just kidding, Dan and Michael. I don’t actually chop trees down. I capture baby seals for their fur. Okay, I don’t do that either. Maybe I’ll give a prize to whoever can guess what I do*.

* Any guarantees for prizes by Chance are null and void.


6 Responses to “More on taxes, later…”

  1. Dan Trabue said

    In Colorado? You must work for Focus on the Family…

  2. Dan Trabue said

    “liberal ideal of taxation”

    How would this be defined, I wonder?

    If it’s the stereotypical “liberals just want to tax everything and throw money at problems,” I don’t know that’s me. I’d cut more taxes by shrinking our huge military than the strictest of “conservative” budget hawks…

    Anyway, happy anniversary!

  3. Michael Westmoreland-White said

    Happy anniversary! Mazel Tov!

    Like Dan, I have much govt. waste to cut (starting with the military and that bloated monstrosity of a useless bureacracy, “homeland security”) and, as mentioned, I would eliminate almost all sales taxes (except for gasoline, alcohol, and tobacco–the first earmarked for public transportation and alternative fuels, the latter two earmarked to shore up Medicare and Social Security) and reduce payroll deduction taxes. I’s also eliminate most toll roads and user fees However, I am a big believer in the estate tax (the anti-aristocracy, earn-your-own-way tax), capital gains tax, windfall profits tax. I would have heavy “polluter pays” taxes. I’d tax investment dividend income more than payroll income because I value labor so highly. I’d also eliminate most tarriffs on imports along with price supports for agribusiness.

    I don’t much like “tax and spend” schemes–but I like borrow and spend schemes even less!

  4. Glen Dean said

    Happy Anniversary Chance.

  5. The Prophet said

    Happy Anniversary… I won’t go into any debating with you. Have lots of sex!!!

  6. Chance said

    Thanks guys. The anniversary weekend was great.

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