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Sometimes I just love a good argument

Posted by Chance on July 31, 2006

Which is really strange. I consider myself fairly easy to get along with. I’m an easy-going type of guy. However, I love to get involved in discussions with people who disagree with me. I’ve been over at Jesus Politics arguing up a storm. If you are a Christian liberal, you’ll find good company, if you are a Christian conservative/libertarian, you will have a good time as well.

As a side note: not to knock anyone, but I think the term “Jesus Politics” is bold. We all try to apply Christianity to some extent to our politics, no matter what the persuasion, but saying that Jesus and your own politics are one and the same is dangerous, dangerous business.

Edit to add: sometimes I can get a bit snarky on when I comment on blogs like these, so feel free to call me out if I go too far.


6 Responses to “Sometimes I just love a good argument”

  1. Michael Westmoreland-White said

    For what it’s worth, I agree that callng any position, left or right, “Jesus Politics” is wrong. I don’t do that.

  2. Michael Westmoreland-White said

    As a Democratic Socialist (a Leveller), I tend to agree with Libertarians on issues of civil liberties–but disagree strongly on issues of economic justice.

  3. Chance said

    Hi Michael, thanks for visiting.

    Yeah, I don’t really want to call anyone out, that’s not my purpose, I just figured that if I linked to a blog, I wanted to express that I don’t agree with certain things said blog says about Jesus or Christianity.

  4. The Prophet said

    The interesting things is that some Repubs are guilty (and get much heat) from the Dems about calling their party “God’s Party” i.e. Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell.

    It’s interesting that some Dems are guilty of the same thing! I won’t however make the mistake that some Dems do, and say that ALL Dems think this way… only a select few as Michael has pointed out!

  5. The Prophet said

    You must be very busy debating on the Jesus Politics site. I hope the underground democratic society hasn’t kidnapped you! Lol!

  6. Chance said

    lol, yeah, it was terrible. They forced my eyes open and made me watch MoveOn.org presentations. Seriously though, I was working in a different office without access to the internet.

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