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Off to Gabbatha University

Posted by Chance on July 13, 2006

I’ll be a guest blogger for a few days at my friend Josh’s site, Gabbatha University. I’ll be on vacation for a few days after that. It will probably be a week and a half before I post again on this site. Stop by Gabbatha sometime, it’s a great site.


5 Responses to “Off to Gabbatha University”

  1. Heather said

    Chance, I received the bloglet subscription email for Josh’s blog, but the interview with Joseph wasn’t on the blog when I went to the blog. (just thought you should know) Have a blessed day! Oh…I really liked the interview with Joseph! Very creative and good! Are you going to do anymore?

  2. Chance said

    Ahh, actually, I saved it as a draft, but didn’t publish it. I was going to spread out my posts a little bit, but I’m glad you liked it, and I’ll go ahead and publish it. If I happen to think of anymore, I’ll publish it.

  3. Glen Dean said

    Chance, I like what you did with the top. Cool.

  4. Chance said

    Thanks Glen. I actually got it from Josh at Gabbatha.

  5. The Prophet said

    Chance, thanks so much for posting at Gabbatha. I hope you’re enjoying your vacation!

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