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Additions to the blogroll

Posted by Chance on July 5, 2006

I added some new blogs to the site:
Andrew Olmsted
Payne Hollow
Deep Calls to Deep

The last two blogs are written from Christians who have liberal viewpoints. Astrocoz appears to be liberal as well, but writes less about political issues. She has some good posts, one in which I discussed here.

I included all the blogs because I thought they were good, but my main motivation for the last two were to provide different viewpoints. Not to make a checkmark on Things to do to Respect Diversity and Tolerate Others, but just so I would inform myself of different viewpoints. So much of my online reading is reading viewpoints similar to my own, but I can only do so much of that. I simply don’t want to read similar stuff to further affirm my own opinions, I want to check out other stuff as well.

Deep Calls to Deep is from the UK I think and talks about certain politics that don’t really apply here, but also has some observations of our own political climate.

Payne Hollow is done by Dan Trabune. I had little debates in the comments section of Glen Dean, and although we disagree on many things, he always states his opinions in respectful ways, better than me.


7 Responses to “Additions to the blogroll”

  1. Steve said


    I think that’s the first time I’ve been called liberal 🙂

    I’d love to hear more about that?


  2. Lee said

    I’ve found that some of my best conversations and replies are from my lib blogrollers like Aunt B and John Hutcheson.

    Good folks, fun to talk with, just horribly wrong. 😉

  3. Chance said

    Hi Steve,
    Welcome to the site! I’m sorry if I mislabeled you. I visited your site when I first started blogging in fall of 2004 (FYI, I found it my googling “Christian blog” or something like that), then I started blogging again, and just recently visited your blog again, so my memory may be a little fuzzy concerning your political views. I remember something about you saying your views were left-of-center, but you may consider yourself more centrist, and not quite to that line (who-knows where) which one considers liberal.

    I realize I need to be careful when labeling people, so I’ll try not to throw labels around so often, my whole point was trying to visit sites where one is on the other side of center.

    Just to ensure we agree on terminology, would you agree that liberal means one who believes in the gov’t taking a more active role in economic issues (some Christians call it social justice), and being more modern concerning social issues?

  4. Steve said

    Hi Chance

    Good to visit – i shall be reading more.

    Please don’t feel I’m offened – I; was mroe amused. Actually it sounds like a miscommincation.

    I don’t think of liberal as apolitical label (it’s not over here). That actually absolutely correct. I was thinking of a theological context, where liberal here has a different meaning – one i’m interested in.



  5. Lee said

    Heh. Us and the Engilsh, separated by a commom language.

  6. Dan Trabue said

    Thanks for the gracious comments. You’re too kind.

  7. astrocoz said

    Thanks for the add!

    Not to worry, I think I am going to add some more political posts to my repertoire. I seem to enjoy making these posts and I get a pretty diverse range of viewpoints on them. Of course there will be the normal light-hearted silly stuff too, but I like discussion on things that are important.

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