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Where is God on the political map?

Posted by Chance on June 28, 2006

If that question could easily be figured out, I suppose all Christians would have the same political persuasion. I guess the ultimate question that should be asked is this: What brings the most glory to God?

This is really where the issue of freedom vs. more government comes into play. First of all, let’s look at God wants. I like what James 1:27 says about true religion

27 Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.


I like this verse because it really tackles the two dimensions found on most political maps, individual morality and collective morality. We know what God expects of us as individuals, but what about as a collective nation? This goes back to the original question: what brings about the most glory to God? Is a nation that passes laws respecting the laws of God more preferable? Or, is a nation full of individuals who obey God from their own initiative more preferable? Or, is it a balance of both? Does passing laws honoring Biblical morality glorifying to God if the individuals of the country do not respect the laws themselves? Should the country make a statement by passing certain laws, or grouping together as a democracy to honor God?

I’ve often heard the arguments that America honors God by letting the government serve as some type of moral guardrail. I’ve also heard the argument that, since God gives us free will to obey or disobey him, that government should give us this freedom as well.

What about giving to the poor? Should the government serve a role in helping the poor? Or is charity much more valuable when it is done voluntarily?

The answers to these questions, on a government scale, are not completely clear. I suppose for now, all I can do is apply God’s word to my own life and be an example to others (not that I do this well by any means, but it is the goal). I have my own idea of the ideal government, but I am always questioning things. I think pondering the big questions of life are vital, but at the same time we should focus on serving God in our own individual lives. Like James says, I should try to live a Godly life, through depending on Him, and do what I can to help out those in need. If we do this, the type of government we have still matters, but it may not matter quite as much. While we try to figure out the big questions, God does give us a roadmap for living out our individual lives, and our lives as a Christian body.


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