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I’ll Be Praying For You (I promise)

Posted by Chance on June 27, 2006

I always hate saying that. For one, sometimes it sounds corny, and sometimes it is said among Christians because it is the right thing to say. Also, how many times have I said I would pray for someone, and not actually do it? Countless times I am sure. Now, prayer is important and powerful, and I am not disregarding it. I had a friend who lost a job recently, and fortunately I was able to (possibly) help him out, by sending a resume to someone. In my email exchange, I thought about saying “I’ll be praying for you”, but decided not to, because it may not sound genuine. Praying for others is a genuine way to care for someone, but unfortunately, the phrase has been thrown around too much.


2 Responses to “I’ll Be Praying For You (I promise)”

  1. The Prophet said

    Great thought. Thanks for posting about it. I can totally agree with you about that.

    Whenever someone asks or I say it, I always try to say a quick prayer under my breath.

    It does sound good I think, at least to myself, when other people tell me they’ll say a prayer for me. But what’s most important is the prayer, not that other people know that we’re praying.

  2. The Prophet said

    I heard a great message that I may post about shortly that talked about Joshua’s maturity in Christ.

    Joshua was a fighter. He just had that type of personality. When Moses asked Joshua to fight the Amalekits, Joshua jumped to the opportunity.

    Moses, Aaron & Hur went to the top of the Mountain (This is the story when Moses has to lift is staff in the air in order for the Israelites to win).

    Here’s the thing. Most likely Joshua didn’t have one clue Moses was on the Mount. Joshua was already in the middle of his battle. So when Joshua was winning, he most likely thought it was his own military prowess. What he failed to realize is that behind it all, there was someone on the mountain straining to keep his staff raised so that the Israelites would win.

    It had nothing to do with Joshua and everything to do with what Moses was doing on the mountain.

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