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Who would be at your table?

Posted by Chance on June 26, 2006

Danny Sims has a post that provides food for thought. If you could pick 9 people, dead or alive, to eat with, who would it be? They can be from history, sports, or music.

Since I ripped the idea off Danny Sims, feel free to post your thoughts at his blog, instead of mine.

I pick Jesus (and no, not because its the “correct” churchy-answer, I hate being asked questions like these at church), but, like a commenter said, I wouldn’t want to talk to anyone else. So, to make my answer more interesting, I will limit my answers to mortals.

1. Abraham
2. King David
3. The Apostle Paul
4. Thomas Jefferson
5. Ronald Reagan
6. George W. Bush
7. Bono
8. Albert Einstein
9. Euler, the mathematician.

But, I would trade them all for the previously mentioned person.


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