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Things that annoy me (don’t worry, this is not a political post)…

Posted by Chance on June 26, 2006

…is musical elitism. I used to visit several different forums often, some related to music. However, for blood pressure reasons, I stopped, mainly for reasons dealing in the political. One thing that would bother me is the following. Here is an example exchange.

Music_fan: I love respectable and established band*.

Elitest_Spin_Reader: popular band is just a rip-off of some band no one has heard of.

In other words, someone will mention their fondness for a certain band, and Elitest_Spin_Reader will throw around the name of some obscure older band, and suggest that if that person really appreciated music, they would have already heard of this band, and realize that their band is really a clone of the other. Such conversation produces a sense of elitism and self-satisfaction in Elitest_Spin_Reader, that they could know what true music really is, and throw around band names no one has heard (or really cares about).

For instance, some internet post, I forget where, suggested that U2 really ripped their sound from Echo and the Bunnymen. Okay…even if this is the case, U2 obviously did something that the other band couldn’t do, since U2 has received worldwide acclaim, and no one knows who Echo is. Furthermore, when did U2 sound like this other band? Being that U2’s sound has changed and evolved through multiple albums…did Echo also make a political album (War), followed by an atmospheric soundscape album (Unforgettable Fire), followed by a couple of American-influenced albums (Joshua Tree and Rattle & Hum), followed by a harder electric guitar driven album (Achtung Baby), followed by a really weird experimental album (Zooropa), followed by a techo album (Pop), followed by a return to a more 4-piece sound (ATYCLB & HTDAAB) etc…? Also, U2 was influenced by other people. That doesn’t mean they were a ripoff.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are many talented bands that don’t get much exposure, yet influence more popular bands following them. But that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate the more popular, established bands that, most likely, took that sound to another level.

* i.e. U2, Rolling Stones, Beatles


3 Responses to “Things that annoy me (don’t worry, this is not a political post)…”

  1. preacherman said

    I loved reading your blog.
    I am a huge U2 fan.
    Went to the Pop Mart concert in San Antonio.
    Haven’t gotten the chance to see them again because they their shows sell out so quick.
    The shows sell out, U2 never does.
    Love their music.
    I love Bono’s polotics.
    I love everything that the band is involved in, that are trying ot make a difference in the world. While other bands blow their money up their noses and drink it down til it is gone and haven’t given anything back to make a difference.
    Thanks for your post and your blog.
    Excellent thoughts.
    Love for you check out my blog sometime.
    I am a minister who loves God, Jesus and U2.

  2. Chance said

    Thanks for the comments. I’ll definitely check your blog out.

  3. The Prophet said

    I think that those people who dis U2 will be followers of the Anti-Christ… that is unless Bono is the Anti-Christ.

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