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Vote now!!!

Posted by Chance on June 22, 2006

Josh directed me to pollhost.com, so I can put polls on my blog, so here it goes.

I just want to mention that I will strive the best to have unbiased, fair polls, that allow for users to express a wide array of opinions. I hate polls that lead people to the answer that the poller wants to hear. So, here we go…

Who has the best ideas when it comes to running the country.
Al Qaeda
Free polls from Pollhost.com

What do you think of the Zoo Station blog?
It is the best blog since the origination of the internet. I find myself continually captivated and stimulated by Chance’s thought-provoking posts.
I club baby seals for a living.
Free polls from Pollhost.com


3 Responses to “Vote now!!!”

  1. The Prophet said

    Those polls weren’t bias at all! Very thought provoking. And that last one was hard for me.

  2. Chance said

    Yeah, that last one is hard. I like to use baby seal fat for powering my chainsaw when I chop down trees in the rainforest.

  3. The Prophet said

    Ahhh… spoken like a true “Evil Conservative Hatemonger”

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