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Feeling uninspired…

Posted by Chance on June 13, 2006

I had a couple of topics in mind, such as the Marriage Amendment and school choice, but I don’t know if I really feel like talking about politics right now. So… I’ll post a few ramblings for my own self-indulgent purposes. Also, I have my large fan base to appease.

Apparently there is, or was, some hockey championship game going on right now. What teams are playing, I am not sure. I saw two teams were playing, and I think one was Edmonton.

Now, I do enjoy watching hockey…in person. It is a fun sport to watch; there are a couple of good college teams in this area. However, it seems less so on TV, but maybe I should give it a good try. If I’m not mistaken, I believe Colorado may have an NHL team.

Speaking of online radio, I found a pretty decent online adult alternative radio station called Alternate Current. I’ve been listening to it some for the past couple of days. I told myself that if they played Coldplay, I would be sold on the station, and wouldn’t you know it, they started playing “Talk”.

Josh is doing some postings about the 10 commandments at Gabbatha University, which are pretty good so far. I think if he was really committed though, he would do postings on the entire law, with all the 600-something commands in the Old Testament. I think its important to reiterate such commands as not marrying your cousin, etc…

On a more serious note though, while we are not bound to the ceremonial laws (or technically, any of the law, because of grace, but the moral law is still important), there are many that are applicable. The Maker’s Diet (didn’t you know, I’m doing paid endorsements now) is a book that recommends following the dietary rules found in the Law, not for theological reasons, but actually for health reasons. Many of the laws may seem inane or nit-picky, but God knew what He was doing, and put them in place when people did not have the technological advancements and science that we do now. (not that these replace God by any means, science just proves what God says).

I think Katherine Coble may feel somewhat the way I do, and her post actually inspired this one. For the moment, I am just tired of talking about politics, but that may change in a few hours. It is just that my best writing and thinking take place not in the artistic realm, but in the more problem-solving type realm.

That is all for now.


4 Responses to “Feeling uninspired…”

  1. Lee said

    Yep, why do you think my posting is down.

  2. The Prophet said

    Sorry for the loss of inspiration. The Mavs vs Heat series has been good.

  3. Chance said

    I suppose I’ll root for the Mavericks. Even though I like Shaq, he has won 3 championships already.

  4. Chance said

    I suppose I’ll root for the Mavericks. Even though I like Shaq, he has won 3 championships already.

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