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Random Thoughts While on Travel

Posted by Chance on June 2, 2006

I’m on travel now, so it means more frequent postings for a short time. I don’t feel like posting anything overtly political at the moment.

Currently, I am entertaining myself on travel by reading Stephen King’s book The Stand. I am about 270 pages into this 1100-something page book. So far, it seems pretty interesting; I like stories that are apocalyptic, even if not Christian, as long as it’s not anti-Christian, which I have not found so far. To give a short summary so far, many people are dying because of a highly contagious disease that contains the same symptoms as a common cold. Later, there is supposed to be a grand battle between good and evil. It’s engaging so far, and everytime I hear someone cough or sneeze I cannot help but to think nervous thoughts for a split second.

I am a member of BMG music, so I get CDs in large amounts. I recently bought Counting Crows – Recovering the Satellites, Fiona Apple – Extraordinary Machine, Audio Adrenaline – Underdog, and the new Goo Goo Dolls album – Let Love In.

Here are quick reviews.

Counting Crows – Recovering the Satellites – Yes, I know my CD collection is a little behind, considering this album came out in 1996. I’ve always heard the songs on radio, and always wanted to get the album, but never did until now. So far, it’s a really good album, and I expect it to be an enduring album that continues to grow on me.

Fiona Apple – Extraordinary Machine – Fiona finally released a new album. Actually, it would have been a year earlier, but the record company doubted it’s commercial appeal (It’s just a side note, I don’t hate record companies for wanting to make money in their investment.) This album is a grower too. Now, I do not want to be a music snob like those from Spin and Rolling Stone and say this album is too deep or complex for the pop-loving masses and only music intellectuals love this album. However, this album is not full of immediately catchy hits. You would have to like her previous two albums for the instrumentation as well as catchy melodies. Ironically (probably intentionally), her catchiest song says (“Please, Please, Please, No more melodies, They lack impact, they’re petty They’ve been made up already “). May grow to be one of my favorite albums.

Audio Adrenaline – Underdog, – Audio Adrenaline is a Christian rock band that has been around since the early 90s. I always heard about them but rarely heard them, until their song “My Chevette.” Typically, I don’t like the pure-rock, rugged deep voice sound, but go more for a punkish-young guy voice, like Bleach. However, AA is the exception, and they are truly a talented band. AA actually play around with their sound, in the Latin-influenced “Jesus Movement”, and the swinging “DC-10”. And how many Christian bands cover Pete Townsend, as they do in “Let My Love Open the Door.” I sometimes criticize Christian rock bands for not being experimental, but AA can put together a good record of their token sound, along with a little variety.

Goo Goo Dolls – Let Love In – The Goo Goo Dolls have actually been around for some time (this is now their 8th studio), and for anyone who had their 5th album, A Boy Named Goo (had the song “Name”), or less likely, any albums before then, such as Superstar Car Wash, know that their sound has changed quite a bit. They were more punk rock, up until Dizzy Up the Girl (Slide, Iris, Broadway). I suppose you can only do so much with one type of sound. I don’t think the Goo Goo Dolls sold out, because of the VH-1 Behind the Music story of how “Iris” was written (one of my wife’s favorite songs) almost instantaneously, and following songs have been in that same vein. I like their stuff now, but I also like their original sound as well.

The album itself seems pretty good. I have only listened to it completely through twice, as I bought it only a few days ago. Notable songs are their current single “Stay With You” and “Better Days”, which has already gotten considerable airplay. Robbie Takac, who typically does about half of his own songs, only has 2 songs this album.

The songs on the album hint at religion, or Christianity, or something. John Rzeznik is or was a Catholic I believe, and I can’t help but notice the number of secular artists I enjoy who have some tie to Catholicism.

In other news, there’s nothing much to watch on ESPN during any months between the end of College Basketball and the beginning of College Football (with the exception of the draft to some extent). Maybe I can get myself interested in the NBA playoffs, which are less exciting than the NCAAs in which the winner is decided by a single game.


2 Responses to “Random Thoughts While on Travel”

  1. Lee said

    Loved the Stand. King writes most of his books outside of religion. I don’t think he considers himself Christian, but I’ve never seen him maliciously attack it. But back to The Stand: good stuff.

  2. Lee said

    Loved the Stand. King writes most of his books outside of religion. I don’t think he considers himself Christian, but I’ve never seen him maliciously attack it. But back to The Stand: good stuff.

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