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The personhood of the fetus

Posted by Chance on May 18, 2006

I don’t know if I will say anything new in this post, it is just stuff on my mind.

I said in my last post that being pro-life is consistent with believing in freedom. The whole point of bringing in libertarian ideas was to counter the ideas that being pro-life was being anti-freedom. I am not saying one has to support libertarian ideals, I am just saying that even someone who is for the maximum possible amount of freedom (in my view the libertarians), can consistently be a pro-life person.

The argument really hinges on whether someone believes in the personhood of the fetus. The whole idea of freedom is that mine ends where yours begins. So, does someone’s so-called freedom to have an abortion interfere with anyone else’s rights? Of course it does. It interferes with the right of the fetus to exist. But, does the fetus have a right to exist? I believe it does. The Bible supports the personhood of the fetus, namely in Psalm 139:13. However, we as Christians, should we use the Bible as our chief weapon in advancing the pro-life movement, or should we resort to philosophical and scientific arguments? One group, Libertarians for Life, focus on the latter. The group contains some atheists, but has some Christian members as well. However, I belief abortion is a moral issue, and therefore, a spiritual one. I’m a little hesitant to rely on secular arguments. Concerning politics, I think Christians should do what they can to outlaw abortion, while still showing love to those who are considering or have had abortions. But concerning the area of persuasion, should Christians simply focus on showing Christ to other people, and hope God will deal with their hearts concerning the abortion matter, or should we focus on philosophical arguments?

Anyway, I’m about done posting about abortion for now(but will gladly discuss in the comments section). I think my next posts need to be less serious. I could change my mind though.


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