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Absolutely Disappointed with Republican Leadership

Posted by Chance on April 24, 2006

Obviously, the Republicans do not believe in a free market.

I admit high prices for gas suck, but as a link points out “Oil company profits have increased over the past two years but are still not particularly impressive,” Taylor and Van Doren say. Warning that denying investors profits, but allowing them to book losses, amounts to one-way capitalism, the scholars argue: “Denying the industry the opportunity to make substantial profits when supplies are tight is both unfair (unless their losses are likewise alleviated during low-price periods) and counterproductive in that it will discourage investment in the oil business.”

It could be that I am not compassionate, but with price controls and windfall taxes, there will be gas shortages. When neither the rich or poor will even have gas to buy, then there will be a reason to have compassion.

Also, in my copy of USA today at the hotel, one of the headlines reads “Drivers switch to public transit”. This makes perfect sense. I’ll say the same thing I always say, As gas prices climb higher, people will take measures to conserve gas. The higher the prices, the more measures will be taken. People will start to carpool, take mass transit, etc… People do not need the government to dictate how energy supplies are used, I believe individuals are smart enough to do so.


One Response to “Absolutely Disappointed with Republican Leadership”

  1. The Prophet said

    Yeah, there was a guy in Plano (Outside of Dallas) who couldn’t find a gas station to fill up at because all the gas stations he’d been to had switched to Ethanol. Crazy!

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