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Some links to cool political surveys

Posted by Chance on April 12, 2006

The Political Brew Gauge – pretty neat quiz, each question has five possibile answers detailing how gov’t should deal with certain situations.

Politopia – another quiz with five possible answers. The results are in a neat format, where it shows a map with names of various politicians and celebrities. The people you live by depend on how you answer the quiz. I lived somewhere by Drew Carey.

Political Compass – Pretty comprehensive survey, and answers are based on a spectrum of “Strongly Disagree” to “Strongly Agree”

World’s Smallest Political Quiz A very popular quiz put out by the libertarian group The Advocates. There are 10 questions, 5 in social, 5 in economics. A little simplistic, but fun to take nonetheless. I answered alot of maybe’s in the social section, and many yes’s in the economics, so that rated me a libertarian.

I like all of these quizzes because they look at politics on a 2-D map, one dimension for social issues and one dimension for economic issues. They all recognize that politics is not just a line spectrum of left-right, even though there are many that fall along this line (either liberal in both economics and social issues, or conservative in both of these areas).


4 Responses to “Some links to cool political surveys”

  1. romablog said

    Know any 3D spectrums? I’d love to see one.

  2. The Prophet said

    I’m a centrist.

  3. Chance said

    Hey romablog. Thanks for visiting! I currently do not know of any 3d tests, but I have not really looked yet. That would be pretty cool. What do you imagine would be the third dimension? I could see it as maybe foreign policy, and/or privacy vs. counterterrorism measures which don’t quite align into moral/economic issures.

  4. romablog said

    Yeah, there are certainly a couple issues that don’t quite fit into that spectrum; I’ve heard a couple people bring up foriegn policy. I’d always be interested, also, in seeing a test that defines not only a persons position on the role of govt, but also their position on the role of non govt organizations and whatnot.

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