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Radio seems to play more "adult" stuff now

Posted by Chance on April 11, 2006

Maybe it is just a function of where I live now, rather than the change in radio stations in general… I’ve been listening to mainstream pop radio, and it sounds so much better than it did 5 years ago. Now, I don’t believe there is anything inherently wrong with corporately produced boy bands or synth-pop female singers (except the usage of sex to sell music), it is just something I do not personally like, and this style of music dominated the stations at the turn of the century.

These days though, pop music seems to have gotten back where it was before the boy-band revolution (I do like Backstreet Boys though, I think they have real talent) and teen-girl revolution. We have actual adults singing songs with a mature sound. Examples are Coldplay, Train, Daniel Powder, Rob Thomas, some British guy with the “You’re Beautiful” song. Even the younger artists sound more mature than what was offered in Britney, Jessica, and early Christina (who, even though I do not like because of her freakiness and sluttiness, at least has matured I think in her songwriting). I like artists like Michelle Branch, Avril Lavigne, among others. Many of these artists have been around for some time, but radioplay has shifted in their favor, it seems of late.

I like the change, and radio is definitely more enjoyable. Again, I don’t want to be a snob and look down on teeny-bop music, I just prefer more natural sounding music.


2 Responses to “Radio seems to play more "adult" stuff now”

  1. The Prophet said

    One thing that I have noticed concerning the change is the addition of more piano in pop & contemporary music. I think this tends to have a more “adult” sound to it. But I do agree… there are a lot of good bands out there. If you like Coldplay, you may want to check out The Fray. I picked up there cd How to Save a Life 2 weeks ago, and I really like it. James Blunt is the British guy you were talking about. I like his sound, but a lot of his songs talk about being high on drugs.

  2. Chance said

    Hmm, not surprising with a last name like “Blunt.”

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