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Never have enough time…Thoughts for the day

Posted by Chance on March 24, 2006

I never have enough time to post all the things that I want to. I was thinking, for today…What is the best strategy for those who are pro-life? There is no question that I believe that we should vote for pro-life politicians and pro-life related issues, but what about when it comes to persuasion. For us Christians, should we focus on the Christian aspect, trying to be good witnesses to other people. Should we hope that by spreading the gospel and through Christian teaching, that we will change the hearts of those who are pro-choice?

Or should we meet the pro-choice liberals where they are at? Should we focus on logical arguments to win the war against abortion? Should we focus on concepts such as biology, philosophy, and freedom, and argue against the so-called “right” to an abortion.

Part of me thinks that the only way to change minds is through changed hearts. This is what happened to Norma McCorvey, who was Jane Roe in the monumental Roe vs. Wade. She accepted Christ and is now a campaigner for the lives of unborn babies. Another part of me thinks the only way is through logic, you have to meet them where they are at. They don’t want to listen to Christianity, but maybe they will listen to reason. Maybe its a little bit of both.


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