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Tone of my articles

Posted by Chance on February 9, 2006

One thing in my articles that I need to watch is the tone of my pieces. I have a tendency when I write articles in order to prove somebody wrong, and I want to stray away from this. What I mean is that, I want to write persuasive articles, but I have to watch my motivation. I don’t want to focus too much on trying to convince anyone of anything, but focus more on, “this is how I feel, and here is why”, as opposed to “I think you are wrong, and here is why.” Not that there is necessarily anything wrong with the latter if presented correctly, for example, if I am referring to a person’s view and pointing out my own disagreements. I just want to avoid saying liberals are wrong for thinking this or that.

While I have my blogger window open, I’ll sum up some thoughts on the past few posts.

I talked about views on collective morality and individual morality, particularly, as seen from a libertarian point of view. I am pretty settled in my agreement with libertarians on their view of collective morality, although I would disagree with the LP (Libertarian Party) on the abolition of welfare altogether. However, I can say that I do support an abolition of wage or price controls, period.

Concerning individual morality, I do not want to say I agree with the Libertarians, it is just, I do not know where the dividing line should be. I feel uncomfortable saying “everyone should be able to do what they want to do, as long as they do not directly hurt anyone else.” I feel that this view tends to lower how “bad” victimless actions are (drug use, prostitution) in relation to crimes against victims (murder, theft). I just wish I had a good logical answer in separating the sins that should be outlawed vs. the ones that shouldn’t. I think a government that legislates too much of people’s lives could be problematic.

Concerning Wal-Mart…maybe I should start a new post.


One Response to “Tone of my articles”

  1. The Prophet said

    I agree, Chance. Even moderation is a matter of relativism.

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