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The Innocence Mission: Zoo Station’s highlighted Band of the Week (or day, month, depending on when I post)

Posted by Chance on February 9, 2006

The Innocence Mission is not a terribly popular band. Probably their most popular song is “Bright as Yellow” which appeared on the Empire Records Soundtrack, a somewhat popular alternative music soundtrack from the 90s for a movie that is not so popular.

I am far from a music journalist, so it is hard to describe them exactly. They are often considered a folk band. The lead singer is Karen Paris, who has an absolutely astonishing and powerful voice, probably my favorite female vocalist. The guitar is acoustic and very well played, and drives some of the songs. They remind me of 80s U2, in which the non-electric guitar drives many of the songs while having fewer, and more suttle guitar solos. I would say that they may be the best band who is not led by a guy named Bono. I would recommend checking them out. They are also Christians (specifically, Catholic, I believe).

Band Website

Links to sound clips and songs Here

Links to a couple of full songs Here


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